Monday, April 02, 2012

run forest

So as it turns out I have been over training, which was good news because I was killing myself. It's my own fault. I had started a new training week, but Abby's ipod was dead, so I ran without it for most of the week. I assumed I knew what run/walk schedule was and off I went. Oh my gosh it was so hard. After my 5 minute warm up walk I ran for three minutes and walked for two for four cycles. Well I attempted it. I did fairly well considering the actual training plan was run three minutes, walk two minutes, run 90 seconds, walk two minutes and repeat that cycle one more time. Big difference!

So now I make sure Abby's ipod is all charged up.

I think I was killing myself with my pace too. I mean, it's not a sprint. I'm so concerned about how much distance I'm covering in my runs, I really need to slow down a bit and follow the program as it's laid out, if that makes any sense. I made a real effort to do that on my run today and it felt really good. Best run I've had in a while. I'm spending a few extra days on this training week, just trying to figure it all out before next week, when I have a six minute run. Eeep!

I really can't believe I'm doing this. Abby has long since bailed on the project, but I'm still out there four or five days a week. It's crazy and awesome.

I hope this makes some sort of sense. I've been up since 3am... thank you Maya..... and I am beat with a capital B, but I was putting an order for a Christmas present through.... yes, you did read that right.. and this was attempt at keeping myself awake. Night all.


Mis(s)Mannered Mom said...

I definitely wouldn't worry about your pace at this point! Work on the endurance portion and worry about "speed" later as you get the distance/no longer walking. You're doing FANTASTIC-and way to go keeping motivated!

Goofball said...

I always need to ensure I don't run too fast either so I can keep it up.

Funny how some 2 minute runs nearly kill me but when I had to do a much dreaded 5 min run in the scheme I was so afraid that unconciously I ran a lot lot slower but I made it. So lesson learned: I run too fast. My husband always tell me that if I can't keep talking with him, I run too fast. Hmm so I still need to slow down more.

Leah said...

I'm so impressed!! There is just nothing about running I can get into. I cough, wheeze, cough some more (thanks asthma), then my knees start to hurt (due to the fact they don't point straight like they are supposed to, so running puts a real strain on them), and then my back bails (result of being rear-ended 3.5 years ago and having a lingering injury). And since running is absolutely NOT for me, I'm quadrupilly (sp???) impressed when someone else takes it up and does well with it!! good for you!