Thursday, April 05, 2012


Cancer can go eff itself.

When I was 16, we lost my sweet Grandmother to cancer. Her life was far from easy, but you'd never hear her complain. Heck, she never even told us she was sick until she couldn't hide it from us anymore. I can only hope to be a tenth of the woman, she was. I miss her everyday and wish, so much, she could have met my girls.

When I was pregnant with Maya, we lost another sweet lady, Papa Joyce. She was Great Grandma to my girls, but for some reason Abby started calling her Papa Joyce when she was tiny and it just stuck. Papa Joyce was a lovely lady, never skimpy with the hugs and always appreciated a good joke. It was an absolute honour to be able to name Maya after her.

Far too recently we said good-bye to our friend, Cliff. One of the nicest guys you could ever meet. His smile would light up the room. He was a great friend to many.... people and animals. He was taken far too soon and I still can't believe he's really gone.

They are my angels.

We are lucky to still have Papa Al and Uncle George with us. They've kicked cancer's ass.

They are my warriors.

On June 22nd, I will be walking for all of them in the Relay for Life with my Jersey Girls. Last year we raised enough money and sold enough luminaries to be a Dream Team. We'd love to be a Dream Team two years in a row. Please consider donating to the cause. No donation is too small. If you're local consider buying a ticket to the spaghetti supper the Jersey Girls and I are hosting. Tickets are only $10 and I do have some in my purse. We're also collecting wine, liquor and beer bottles for our FU Cancer Bootle drive.

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