Sunday, April 08, 2012

sunday randoms

Took an unplanned mini bloggy break this weekend. Uncle Dave and Auntie Mel were in town for a few days. We don't get to spend as much time as we'd like with them, so when they are here I don't like to waste a minute.

On top of it being Easter, Uncle Dave was in a road cycling race Friday morning. Abby went to watch and keep Auntie Mel company. A car accident caused a delay and route change and The Abster was a champ and a big help through the day. They walked a million miles and they were all beat by the time they got back home. Uncle Dave rolled across the line sixth out of ninety riders.

The whole family is pretty excited that he'll be back next weekend to race in another race that pretty much goes through our backyard. So look for us next weekend out on the road cheering like crazy for the three seconds it will take for him to whiz by us.

This past week The Abster has taken a real interest in cooking. She helped me make dinner one night this week. I was hoping since she'd helped put it together, she might given the Asian inspired pork dish a try, but she did not. Then Saturday we whipped up a pecan pie for Easter dinner dessert. It's been fun having her in the kitchen, of course it would be easier if we had a kitchen that had a bit more work space, but we're making it work.

I think the time has come for me to look into actual running gear. This running thing is looking like it's going to stick. Although I didn't run at all this weekend, even after Uncle Dave offered to go for a run with me. Auntie Mel and I went shopping at the liquor store and the fancy grocery store instead. Related... oh em gee, running shoes are expensive.

Maya dogsat Adelaide while Uncle Dave was racing. She took her duties very seriously. Which is how we ended up on a 6.6km walk with our walking buddies. Adelaide's puppy days are long behind her, so she was pooped by the time we got back with her.

How was your weekend?

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