Friday, May 11, 2012

friday high five - did you know

So, did you know...

1. I've never used a nose spray of any kind.
2. I've never played an organized sport, Uncle Dave on the other hand played them all.... well except lacrosse. I'd like to say I was the creative one and he was the sporty one, but he's like a crazy good cyclist, a really great writer, has mad photog skills and he's been known to create some art. He's the whole package.
3. I think Russell Brand is kinda hot. Oh yes I do.
4. I am a sucker for a pretty notebook, so is the Abster.
5. Uncle Dave & Auntie Mel got me a handmade notebook for Christmas. It's still on the shelf. I feel something important needs to go in it instead of hastily scribbled notes, grocery lists, and doodles like the rest of the notebooks I own. It's a lot of pressure

And what do I need to know about you?


Merry said...

We are soooo much alike! No sports (organized or otherwise) for me. Nose sprays are disgusting. I've used them only under severe duress. Russell Brand is hot in a crazy kinda way. And I love pretty notebooks though I end up not using them b/c what i have to write down isn't cool enough.

See...told you we are alike. :)

Goofball said...

you never used nose spray? wow, impressive. Never sinus issues often saves my day