Friday, May 18, 2012

friday high five - garage sale

So we've been going to garage sales the past couple of weeks and it's been fun. We've scored a lot of great deals. Abby picked up a brand new Roots purse for a quarter. Gosh, that girl loves purses! She found a vintage sequined clutch last week that she desperately wanted, but she didn't have enough cash left. It was a heart breaker for sure! So the big question is.... what are you looking for?

1. Wool. Lots of people buy wool and then do nothing with it. Garage sales are a great place to pick up cheap wool for donation projects.
2. Ribbon. I have a little project pinned that requires 40 yards of ribbon to complete and ribbon is expensive, yo!
3. A wrought iron wine rack, but a specific kind. Another idea a pinned for all these markers we have spread from one end of the house to the other.
4. Vintage glass or tins for the mantel shelf in our kitchen. Mike and I thought we had found a very cool vintage glass milk bottle. We were in total love with our find until we got it home and Mike found a barcode on the back of the bottle. Oops!  We still love it though.
5. Books. Yes I have a kobo and I borrow books from the library, but I will pick up a book if the price is right (25 to 50 cents is the right price by the way). I also love buying books for the kids. Actually most of their garage sale purchases have been books, which makes this Mama very happy indeed.

Do you garage sale?

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