Thursday, May 17, 2012


It's funny how things come full circle. We used to be pretty hardcore library users back in the day and by we I mean Granny, Uncle Dave and I. I remember going to our local branch to watch black and white Shirley Temple movies. Of course that was when we lived in the city. Mom was more or less a stay at home Mom and we could walk there. Then we moved out here and Mom became a single working Mom and we were no longer within walking distance of the library, although to quote the very funny Steven Wright, everywhere is walking distance if you have the time.

I have always been a big reader, so you'd think I'd be all about the library, but I have pretty much ignored it since I was a kid. I don't even want to think about the small fortune I've spent on books since then. It's kind of crazy, huh, considering the library is just sitting there offering them up for free. Then my sister-in-law got an e-reader and I thought I could love one of those very much. Then I learned that I could borrow digital books on it from the library from the comfort of  my own home and I was sold! Since the beginning of the year I've read 12 books and 10 of those were on my e-reader.

Since Christmas I've had a virtual library card to use for digital borrowing, but they recently discontinued those. I had to head in to our local branch and get myself an actual real life library card. Since I was there I poked around our tiny local branch. Our tiny busy local branch. It did my heart good to see how busy it was on a rainy Monday evening. My girlfriend had mentioned to me that she had been borrowing dvds from there which is something that wasn't even on my radar before, but it's a timely discovery seeing as Rogers is closing it's rental operation and our pricey rural internet with the low bandwidth cap doesn't allow us to think about things like netflix or downloading movies off the internet. Another amazing discovery.... that I can search the entire library catalogue, put a hold on a dvd and when it's my turn they will ship it to the branch of my choice... what?! How awesome is that?

I put a few dvds on hold and two of them came in this week. Mike and I headed over there this afternoon to pick up season one of Extras (I love me some Ricky Gervais) and season two of Parks and Rec. While we were there we poked through the movies they had at our branch and saw they had the new Muppets movie in, so we picked that up for family movie night this weekend. All for free! I ask again, how awesome is that?

I have to say, Mike and I were both very impressed with the 2012 version of the library and I think it's safe to say we're about to become hardcore library users once again.

*that's what MyPie calls it and I find it too adorable to correct.

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