Monday, June 18, 2012

we did it!


That's my little Junior Jersey and in her hands is a bag full of cash. For us to be counted as a Dream Team we had to make our deposit tonight. I added and re-added and then just for fun I added it up once more. Tonight we handed over $3520.80 and we'll hand over a bit more on Friday night at the event. We did it. We are a two time Dream Team. Thanks to everyone who supported our fundraising efforts. We appreciate it very much!

Abby was very proud to be a part of this tonight. Mike and I sit on a lot of committees so the word meeting is thrown out a lot around our house. She was very excited to be attending her very first meeting!

It was a pretty epic day all around, I logged another 5k in my running journal... yes, I have a running journal.


Mommy Project said...

Good job, ladies. I'm looking forward (in more ways than one! Ha!!) to the day when I can join you in the relay (if you'll have me).

P.s. I made a $ donation on-line in lieu of the bottles....

Leah said...


Shan said...

MP - We appreciate the donation very much!! And you know you are always 100% welcome! It's the perfect event for us night owls. xo

Thanks Leah!