Sunday, June 17, 2012

sunday randoms

Well my palm plant is still alive. I can't even believe it.

Bittersweet day today. We said goodbye to the music director at our church. Abby was asked to recite a poem the kids had written about her. She did amazing and there was some big words in there. Thank you once again Empower program.

I'm fairly certain the whole congregation sang extra loud today to make sure we sent "Belle" off right. Our whole family will miss Belle very much. Listening to her play has been one of my favourite things about Sunday mornings.

Iced coffee in the evening, while delicious, is not a good idea if you plan going to sleep at a reasonable time. Le sigh.

Busy week coming up, but then there is holidays! Here's hoping I make it.

Only 5 days until Abby and I walk in a 12 hour relay for the Canadian Cancer Society. Please consider donating and help the Jersey Girls be a Dream Team for their second year in a row.

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