Wednesday, July 04, 2012

and exhale

Deep breath. Well we are 10 days out from our next big event, Touch a Truck. I love this event... I know, I know I say this about all the things I have my finger in, but it's always true. We're always telling our kids not to touch, but here we give them free reign to check all these very cool vehicles out. And I am always surprised to see the parents just as excited and interested as the wee ones to check things out. Sigh, so much fun.. when you get to the actual day, but it's a lot of work to organize.

Well maybe not a lot of physical work, but it's a lot of talking and explaining and asking and then crossing your fingers and hoping the trucks show up... oh and the people. I'm not typically one to get stressed, but I am a titch.

Luckily my partner in organizing crime (who's bailing on me again, but I still love her) popped by the house tonight and helped me get my head back on straight. And I had great little twitter pep talk from Karen So I'm feeling good now... kinda. Blah... talk to me in eleven days and I'll likely be over the moon.

Are you involved with organizing fundraisers?

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