Sunday, July 01, 2012

sunday randoms

So the plan for the last day of school was homemade pizza and a movie.. The Smurfs, borrowed from the library. Awesome plan. Solid plan. Then we went to the library and the Smurfs was out. So we came home, slightly disappointed.... Mike not at all disappointed because he was not down with the Smurfs, but we'd already borrowed Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Rodrick Rules earlier in the week and that made an acceptable substitution for family movie night. Then the beeper went off on the bread maker where I was making the pizza dough. Turns out I set it on 7 (rapid bake) and not 8 (dough). You follow? Yep, I baked up a loaf of bread dough. Hello Dominos, we'd like to place an order. Sigh... such good intentions.

Maya very desperately wants to get her ears pierced... with diamonds, no less. I've explained to her that it's going to hurt for a minute, but she will not be swayed. Not that I'm trying to sway her, but it's Maya and often times with Maya things sound good in theory, but the actual follow through doesn't always work. So we're game to take her, but fully anticipate we'll be walking away without earrings.

So since I screwed up the recipe I've made a million times I thought it would be a great idea to make a whole bunch of new stuff at one time and invite people over for dinner at the same time. Eeep. Not to worry I had my trusty, sous chef Mike to help me... oh wait he snuck off for a nap and left me to figure out the rotisserie all by myself. Thank goodness for youtube. Why yes I did watch how to videos on using a rotisserie, what of it?

This just in, brining a chicken is an awesome, easy and tasty decision. The rotisserie was also fairly easy use and produced a yummy chicken.

Wow that week of vacation went quick, yo. When's the next one?

Took the week off of running too, my knee requested it.

Also on loan from the library this week, Season two of Parks and Rec. Why have I not been watching this jewel of a show? Further proof I should listen to Uncle Dave more. Also Ron Swanson is awesome sauce.

So so bummed we couldn't have our annual Canada Day party this year. We might still have a party later in the summer, but it won't be quite the same.

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Leah said...

We're pretty big fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Roderick Rules. All five of us have humor in some part of the movie or another (the kids more so than us, but Dan and I have giggled as well...LOL). We haven't seen Smurfs.