Monday, July 02, 2012

abby's report

Can you believe that Abby just finished up the fourth grade and is headed into the fifth? What?! How the heck did that happen so quick? My very funny, quick witted, sarcastic girl had a lovely report card. It's been so great to see all the pieces come together for her.

I did have a very quick and impromptu meeting with her French teacher just before the end of school. Her plan is to put Abby on an IEP for French next year. Apparently she's doing great with the speaking end of it, but she's struggling a bit with the reading. I cannot say I was surprised to hear that and I said as much to her. I mean reading English has been a struggle, so by that logic a brand new language should be too. The IEP will allow Madam to help her more next year when the reading and writing become more of a focus. Here we go again. Not that I'm complaining at all, I am endlessly thankful for the great teachers we have at our school. They have all done extremely well by my girls. I gotta admit, working on French during At Home Summer School is gonna be tough for this non-French speaking chick, but we'll give it our best go.

Abby's report card, by and large, was in the B range. Very happy and excited for her, although she was hoping for an A. There's always next year.


Goofball said...


If you need some French help, let me know if I can do something

Leah said...

She's come so far and has tackled and achieved several academic items. She'll tackle this one, too. Go Abby!