Sunday, August 26, 2012

sunday randoms

Birthday dinner for one fabulous young lady turning seventeen? Check. Birthday dinner for a fabulous lady turning a little bit more than seventeen? Check. Sunday evening family dinner at the in-laws? Check. All those checks add up to pretty much the perfect weekend. I wish each one could be like that.

Last weekend I bought crochet hooks when I was shopping with JB. Now to learn how to crochet. It seems like a rather impossible task at the moment.

The girls think I am a total bad ass because I can put movies on hold for them at the library.

This year I have zero back to school anxiety. I know it's funny, I haven't gone back to school in about a hundred years, but I held on to that anxiety for many years afterwards, just for kicks. It sucked just about as much as you'd think it would. It feels really odd to have a complete absence of it.

We hit up Carluke Orchards this afternoon to grab some dessert for dinner tonight. Pecan tarts that are out of this world and a bag of very delicious cheddar biscuits. The biscuits weren't for dessert, I just couldn't walk out without them. I don't know that Maya's going to share those biscuits with us though. I think once the oven is fixed I may head back to try out their meat pies.

Time to figure out what I'm going to enter in the fair.


You CAN learn to crochet!!! Google some videos. There are TONS and tons of them that teach you each step. If you find you aren't understanding a certain video, try a different one! The videos are usually broken down into different steps (for example, how to do a crochet chain, how to do a single crochet, a double crochet, a treble/triple crochet, etc). There are videos for creating entire completed projects, and videos that simply get you started on a certain project. You can pause/rewind to your heart's content until you've mastered each step. Can't WAIT to see what you tackle as your first project (mine was a crocheted monster hat!)