Tuesday, September 11, 2012

school days

Tonight was the Meet the Teacher bbq at the school. Our kids go to a small school and we've met all the teachers a million times over, but it's a nice night to socialize with the other families. We had dinner with some great friends and hopefully talked a parent or two into joining us on council. I delivered a donation cheque, welcomed some teachers back from mat leave, thanked our new teacher rep for coming on board and I even found time to talk to my kids' actual teachers. Phew.


MyPie was so beyond stoked to show me her actual desk and the few pages of school work she's done so far. Her teacher is great, same one The Abster had for grade one, so we're well versed there. She said Maya is off to a great start, which is always nice to hear.


The Abster's teacher couldn't make it this evening, so the French room was the place to be. She is pretty excited to be back, loving her teacher, loving French class.

Can't wait to see what this year shall bring!

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