Wednesday, September 19, 2012

school fair

Well it is judging day eve. Which is to say, tomorrow morning when I get up I'll be headed over to the fairgrounds to help record the results of the judging in the School Fair section of the Fair. I love judging day, sure it's a lot of work and it's busy and hectic, but I know that by 5pm tomorrow afternoon there will be kids in the building looking for their artwork, looking to see if they won a prize. That's the best part.

I am a fair exhibitor myself, most years. This year I didn't manage to get anything entered, but even I love seeing how I did. Seeing if my pie or cookies or pictures made the cut. A little friendly competition is good for the soul I think. It's more exciting when it's your kids though, don't you think. When you get to experience their excitement. When you get to see their little chests puffed out with pride. A friend started volunteering with School Fair not that long ago and she really thought we were crazy as we raced around doing all the prep work, setting up the tables, recording, displaying and hanging the art work, but then she saw the kids coming through the door with Mom or Dad or Grandma by the hand and that's when she got it.

I love being involved with the School Fair, yes there is an added thrill of having my own kids' art work in the mix, but even still I can appreciate the feeling from one parent to another. I can't imagine ever getting tired of that.

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