Friday, February 21, 2014

friday high live - fitbit lifestyle

So that fitbit of mine.... well I'm still pretty in love with it, but it makes me do some crazy things.

1. March in place.... everywhere. Nothing wrong with getting a couple of extra steps in while you're waiting for the coffee to brew.
2. Dance a few steps while I'm washing my hands.
3. Run up and down the stairs in my house.
4. Wii boxing when I get to 9pm and I'm still a couple of thousand away from my goal
5. Pace around my house while reading or watching TV.

I'm getting 10,000 steps in most days, the ultimate goal being 10,000 steps minimum everyday.


Lynn said...

Ugh, I am still nowhere close to 10000 steps and wonder how other people seem to do it so effortlessly. A "good" day for me is around 4000 steps, and sometimes I have gotten as high as 6000 by going out of my way to walk around. I'm just not sure how I can add more.

I'm hoping once the warm weather comes, I will feel inspired to just go for walks outside for fun. Until then though, I am just trying to see a 5000 daily goal as a win.

But - so happy to hear you are rocking it!! That is wicked awesome :).

Betsy said...

My goal this week is 8000 a day for at least the next four weeks. I love mine too!