Sunday, April 06, 2014

spaghetti dinner recap

This weekend was a just whirlwind. An amazing, incredible whirlwind.

After weeks and endless hours of planning and organizing it was finally time for our third annual spaghetti dinner and without question my Jersey Girls outdid themselves.

Without question I have come major thank yous to send out. To everyone who donated items for the meal, Boston Pizza on Main West, OakRun Bakery, The Grannies, Poppa & Grandma, Lee's brother, Shawn and Robin's local bakery. The food was delicious, but of course it was because.....

My girl ML spent all day in a teeny kitchen cooking over 40lbs of pasta, 50 jars of sauce and 30lbs of meatballs. Not to mention tossing an entire case of romaine lettuce into salad. She also oversaw the buttering of 175 buns and the toasting of 248 pieces of garlic toast. She was the Kitchen Queen and she rocked the crap out of it with her crew of helpers Sherry, JJ, Terry, Dyllan & Sarah.. My gift to them for next year is the bigger kitchen and a more comfortable work environment.

Yes, the Jersey Girls are moving again!! For the second time in three years we are moving our event next door to a bigger space. And that is thanks to all of your support of our event. The date is already booked and planning discussions have already begun.

A huge thank you goes out to DJ extraordinaire Donny Lovering of Ruby Entertainment. Donny is a long time friend of the Jersey Girls who donated his time to us this Saturday to play some lovely dinner music. If you are ever in need of a DJ hiring Ruby Entertainment is never a decision you will regret. I promise. Donny is a professional with a capital P.

Big hugs and thanks to my serving girls Robin, Iona, Donna, Courtney and Nikki. The line of for food seemed never ending and they just kept serving it up as quickly as we could get it out to them. My gift to them for next year is a bigger serving space with not one, but two serving areas.

More hugs to my silent auction girls Auntie KK, HPH and TQ. Who worked their tails off setting up a beautiful silent auction table and then processed the lucky winners as quickly as they could. My gift to them next year is a larger space to really spread out their excellent items.

So many hugs and pats on the back to all of the kids, our Junior Jerseys who tackled just about any job we sent their way. They set up tables and chairs, papered and decorated the tables, cleared plates, ran food back and forth, served up desserts and a million other little things.

A little bit closer to home... I cannot thank my own two girls enough for putting up with a Mama who was distracted with very little free time for the past week (or more).

And then there was Michael. Somebody said once Mike and I make and excellent team and really there is no bigger compliment because I think we are an incredible team and in situations like these we kick ass! This time though Mike went above and beyond my wildest expectations. I could not have pulled this off without him. He sold a crazy amount of tickets, set up the layout of the room for maximum seating, did some announcing, loaded and unloaded our vehicle multiple times, and a gazillion more things. He is fantastic and I love him like crazy.

And now how did we do? I'm sure you're all wondering, well Saturday night we raised $3,137.25 for the Canadian Cancer Society!!! I still can't believe it. Amazeballs!

Lastly I thank all of you who were there to support our little fundraising dinner that keeps growing and growing. I'm already excited to plan next year! We've already had some fun discussions and I can't wait to see what they grow into. I wish I'd had more time to spend thanking all of you in person. I did manage a few moments here and there, but for those I missed please know I thank you from the very bottom of my heart. Warm hugs to all of you. I hope to see you all again next year!


Lynn said...

That *is* amazeballs!! I'm super proud of you guys, sounds like a great night and a really, really great cause.

Julie said...

WOW! That's awesome. COngrats to you and the Jersey Girls!

Julie said...
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Betsy said...

That is absolutely amazing! Wow!!