Sunday, May 25, 2014

sunday randoms

Well I finally admitted defeat today and bought myself a new charger for my fitbit. I expect the missing one to show up any minute now. Mike, Abby and I have all searched all the logical spots it could be about a gazillion times. It is my firm belief that this teeny tiny charger is in the most illogical place I can imagine, so rather than have a fitbit that is zero percent motivating I ordered one.

Last fall a similar thing happened with some papers I needed. I searched and searched and searched. The only think I could figure is they accidentally got thrown out... turns out no. Somehow they found their way into a box of canning jars a friend had given me earlier in the summer. I accidentally stumbled upon them after I stopped looking for the papers.

I'm only six days away from crossing the last big fundraiser off my list for this year. And I am very much looking forward to a teeny tiny volunteer vacay. This spring was a tough/busy one, but I am super proud of the way I handled it mental health wise. I followed my favourite mental health professional's instructions to a "T". I took breaks, went for runs, read my book, watched a movie, turned off the laptop, had dinner with friends and I delegated my face off. It was pretty awesome.

Of course I still have my fingers in a lot of pies. There is still 4-H to lead, school fair to get set up, organized, judged, recorded and paid out, Relay for Life, and such, but these really just require my participation. No large scale organizing. Can't wait.

Speaking of Relay For Life, there is less than a month until Abby, Maya and I are set to walk in The Jersey Girls 4th relay. It's also going to be our 4th one as a Dream Team, but you can help make us a Bronze level fundraising team by donating today. The girls and I will walk once again for Papa Joyce, Grandma Emily, Hamburger Bob, Cliff and in honour of friends who are kicking cancer's awful ass! Please consider donating to us.

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Betsy said...

You seem to be losing things like I am! Hopefully it turns up eventually and you have a spare.