Sunday, June 22, 2014

giddy up

On top of all the other awesome this weekend Maya competed in her first horse show.


It was a lead line class, which means someone is leading her on her horse, but she's really keen to show, so this is a nice way for her to begin.


The class lasted all of about 10 minutes, but of course it was the greatest bit of horse showmanship ever before seen.


Definitely good enough to send her home with a third place ribbon and the desire for more shows! Let's do all the shows and all the classes!!


It goes without saying that Mike and I were the proudest horsey parents there today. More importantly she was crazy proud of herself. And can we talk about her in her riding gear.... it's almost too much cute. We almost couldn't get her out of it when we got home. There is little I love better as a Mom than watching my kids finding their place, finding their love and it's so easy to see Maya has certainly found hers. I guess I better get used to hanging around the back of a horse trailer.

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Betsy said...

Great job! Looks like she had fun =) Glad she's found her niche. =)