Saturday, June 21, 2014

the results are in

Hmmmm where to even start? My girls! My Jersey Girls and my baby girls! I love them all so much. I'm so very grateful that they choose to go this adventure with me every year. I really couldn't ask for a better team. I thank them all from the very bottom of my heart for all the fundraising, the spaghetti dinner helping and the walking. Oh boy, the walking. So much walking, but there's also hugging and laughing and hand holding and silliness and bonding.


It's always causes me a bit of anxiety having the girls there overnight. Actually not so much Abby anymore, but Maya, for sure. I'm always relieved when she finally crashes out in the tent. She made it to about midnight and Abby was up and down a it before finally giving in for good around 2am. I think what they gain from the experience for outweighs my anxiety though. The friendships and memories they are building with the other Junior Jerseys is a wonderful thing. And they have their own laughs and jokes and silliness that's fun to see.



But let's get down to the real nitty gritty.... I know what you're all here for! As of this moment the Jersey Girls raised $4553 for our 2014 campaign ($95,000 for the entire event). There may be a few straggler donations come in and we will gladly accept those!! Our links are conveniently located all over facebook! This year was my first year walking with my fitbit, so I have an accurate report of my walking activities for last night. During Relay I walked 53,118 steps which equals out to 35.11km, sore hips and one blister the size of Texas. Yep, I'm kind of astonished myself. Don't ever think I don't work hard for your donations y'all. Between Relay last night and the spaghetti dinner this year I donated over 76,000 steps to the Canadian Cancer Society and on behalf of the lovely people I carried on my shirt it was my extreme pleasure to do so.

Thank all of you who took the time to support The Jersey Girls this year. It was greatly appreciated by each and every one of us. Much love and warm hugs for everyone!


Lynn said...

So awesome, as usual! I just realized I meant to donate and I don't think I did. Where can I?

Julie Leclair said...

that's awesome! way to go!

Betsy said...

You guys are amazing!! Great job!