Friday, February 06, 2015


Recently I was sitting in a meeting talking about the logistics of an event that I'm helping to plan. The talk went back in forth as to what exactly the event should entail and as the list of proposed activities got longer my friend chimed up with this....... Do fun things more often. What she was saying is we don't have to cram every fun idea we've ever had into one event and she was on point at that moment, but I'm not going to lie that one little line made a whole lot of sense to this chick, who's into her second month in the year of MORE. That really summed up to me what I want this year to be.

In that vein we've been celebrating all of those funny made up holidays like national puzzle day. Maya is totally kicking that Big Bang Theory puzzle's butt. Just last week we celebrated Homemade Soup Day, to be fair only Mike and I were celebrating that day because my kids are weirdos who wouldn't touch soup with a ten foot pole.

So I whip up this delicious mushroom soup for Michael and I. A soup I've made a million times before. A soup I don't need a recipe for. I have everything nicely in the pot and I grab the cornstarch to thicken it up a bit. You know how it goes, shake some cornstarch into a little bowl, add some water, put on the lid and give it a shake. As I'm shaking I realize I've forgotten to bring over the cream. I put the container on the counter and head to the fridge, I'm half way and POP!! I whip around scanning the kitchen wondering what in the actual heck just exploded and there is my cornstarch foaming all over the counter, the lid blown from the scene.


What. The. Hell.

I tell you this story just to keep it real for y'all. I'm not always Mario Batali in the kitchen, sometimes I make a complete mess of things like I did earlier this week when I tried to thicken my soup with baking powder. Baking Powder. No wonder it exploded. Thank goodness I didn't dump in right in the soup. I have absolutely no excuse for my behaviour, the containers aren't even remotely similar nor do I even keep them in the same cupboard.

I guess I need to add pay MORE attention to the list this year.

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