Wednesday, March 18, 2015

even the little one thinks i'm lame

Me: Hey My, can you pass me Dad's cell phone.
Maya: Mom! Nobody calls it a cell phone anymore.
Me: They don't?
Maya: No.
Me: What do they call it then?
Maya: A phone, Mom. It's a phone. You want me to pass you Dad's phone.


Lynn said...

I was out a mall recently and some teenagers next to me were talking and one of them asked another for her "texting number." I couldn't get over it - it's not even a phone number any more!

Goofball said...

ah true

and by adding "digital" to anything as prefix we also betray our age, as digital is the new normal for the next generations. They don't know what a non-digital camera would be like eg.

Betsy Smith said...

That kid is just hilarious!

And Lynn, there are apps that you can get that are just for texting so that might have been what they were talking about.