Monday, March 09, 2015

hey there

I need to find some time to blog. Yes, things are busy and crazily spinning almost out of my control at times it seems, but it's that good kind of crazy busy, ya know. So typically I would blog late at night after everyone was tucked into bed for the evening because keeping myself exhausted was my anxiety coping method of choice. Now I'm tired and when I'm tired I go to bed and shockingly enough, fall asleep as soon as I get there. The days of this chick being up for hours after Mike and the kids have gone to bed are long since over. Now a lot of the time I am in bed before Michael.... which is a whole post of it's own, let me tell you. In this new configuration, we are not what you would call compatible sleeping partners.

So time to write, it's hard to come by. Well it's not. I typically answer emails and get myself caught up to date with all the facebook happenings when I get home from work. I could blog then, but I'm also not used to blogging with interruptions (Mom, can I borrow your hoodie? Mom can you make me a waffle? Mom can you make sure syrup goes in all those little holes? Mom can you sign my test? and so on and so on). I guess I'm just going to have to push through it, teach one how to forge my signature, teach the other one how to toast her own after school waffles and then I'll be set. Right?


Definitely get the girls to make their own waffles!! :)
We are also finding a weird time crunch happening now that we have a tweenager. He's going to bed late - like, 9 or 9:30 - and I personally am already nodding off on the couch by then. I'm definitely in bed by 10 which doesn't leave a lot of "off the clock" time for my personal stuff. I remember when they were babies - it was run, run, run all the time, but then everyone was in bed by 7 and you could have a couple of hours to blog or watch a movie with your hubby. Now I feel like we're "on" all the time that we're awake. It's going to be a challenging few years!
My husband and I are not compatible sleeping partners either - but we go back and forth on who's up later (although usually if I'm in bed first I'm still awake reading when he comes in). "can you make sure the syrup goes in all the little holes", HA.
well, good to know the silence is not necessarily a bad thing...enjoy your sleep! sleep is good
That sounds like a great plan! I am "lucky" enough to have time when I don't have the kiddos so I have been pre posting blogs so that my daily's don't end.