Sunday, August 09, 2015

go jays go

Just wrapping up another week of holidays here. It was the perfect combo of busy and relaxing. Due to the re-jigging of some travel plans the kids were away for a few days at the end of the week, but Mike and I occupied our selves with catching up with Shameless and hitting up a Jays game.


Oh the Jays! How I love you, even more now that you're tearing it up! Martin has been my favourite player, but I'm not going to lie, Donaldson has been worming his way into my heart.


In true Michael fashion we were at Roger's Centre hella early, but we did get to check out Greg Zaun and Jamie Campbell in action and we strolled through the Jays Store where Michael ix-nayed the purchase of this hat, even though the compound wife said I'd be crazy not to buy it.

It ended up being a great game to go too. We splurged on 100 level tickets, we're usually 500 level people. We were one section over from the guy who got himself ejected from the game. I'm sure he's a perfectly decent human being in his regular life, but dude made a big mistake and Joey Bats was not having it! Either was the rest of Roger's Centre. Being booed the entire walk up has got to be all kinds of not fun!

The ride home on the train, may have been the most interesting ride I've ever experienced on the Go. There was a lot of passenger communication. A lot of story sharing. Mike got a fist bump from some random dude. A spontaneous round of applause began for another passenger. You had to be there to truly appreciate the absurdness of it all.

We're hoping to squeeze in one more game, this time with the kiddos before everything gets crazy here with back to school and fair stuff. Maya is pretty desperate to see a game in person, now that she knows there's a scoreboard at the dome that will help her keep track of how many balls, strikes and outs there are. She's a pretty hysterical baseball fan, if you get the chance you should totally watch a game with her. She's the most encouraging armchair coach you ever did meet.

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