Tuesday, August 25, 2015

words from the fridge


This has been the theme of the last 19 years. The secret to our success? Possibly.


Yes, Michael and I recently celebrated our anniversary. If you know us in real life you know we aren't hung up on celebrations really. So we had no real plans for the day. Work, home, evening with the kids. Lucky for us the 13 year old and her trusty cell phone were cooking up a plan with Granny.


A plan that included a home made anniversary banner.


Homemade flowers.


Breakfast for dinner because Mom likes eggs benedict for special occasions.


And thanks to a well stocked pantry at the neighbour's.... cake too!

It was the perfect big deal/not a big deal kind of celebration. Thanks to the girls for cooking it up and Granny for helping them out. We loved it!

Thanks to Michael for making me a wife and a mom and a better person. Thanks for being the best partner in everything that a girl could ask for. Thanks for living simply, dreaming big, being grateful, giving love and laughing lots with me. Here's to the next nineteen!

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Leanne said...

Perfect. Happy Anniversary!