Monday, September 07, 2015

happy birthday granny

And just like that summer vacation is a wrap and what a fun summer it was!


Luckily we got to wrap it up in the best possible way. Celebrating Granny's birthday with an early (and ginormous) lunch, so kids who are starting school tomorrow could get to bed early and World's Cutest Nephews that live a million miles away could get back home in reasonably good time.

I am sure all of your families are perfectly delightful, but I have the absolute best one out there. True story. Lunch was a real collaboration. Uncle Dave and I prepped and cooked. Michael barbecued, the girls occupied TWCN and Auntie Mel kept the Grannies company.

We shot an absolutely epic family picture, where everyone's smiling except one disgruntled family member. I won't be so rude as to call them out in such a public space, but everyone who looked at the shot afterwards laughed their faces off. Even the disgruntled one.

We drank a million coffees and a couple of bottles of wine. The grandkids completely charmed their Grandmother (easily done, as I am sure you can imagine). There were lawn tractor rides, after Abby was done cutting the grass of course. And an absolutely adorable gluten free cake.

It was the perfect way to celebrate the lady who..... well there are hardly words..... my Mom is just great, not perfect, but she has never done anything less than the very best for all of us and she continues to be our Mom and takes care of us in ways we don't always realize we even need. Before you even realize you need her.... there she is. Her heart is always in the right place and we are so lucky she gets to be our Mom and even better.... Granny to our kids. We love you Mom, hope you enjoyed your day xoxo

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Betsy Hart said...

A happy belated birthday to your mommy! Give her extra hugs for me.