Thursday, September 03, 2015

it's my favourite

This is my favourite age. I have said this very thing a million times in my Mom career. Whatever age my kids are at currently is mi favourite. I know a lot of moms get all nostalgic about the newborn stage and the baby stage and so on but I rarely have felt the desire to move time backwards. I have friends and family with babies and toddlers and I love the pictures and videos they send me, but I can often be heard remarking to Mike, glad it's them and not me because as cute as the little tyke is tossing blocks all over the living room and pretty happy with my life being virtually block tossing free. I, for sure, enjoyed while I had it though.

The newborn all swaddled up in blankets with nothing on the agenda, but sleeping and eating. Super fun. The baby in the jolly jumper, the crawling, cruising, learning to walk. Pretty epic. Four year olds who come home from school with stories about friends you've never met and shaky over sized printing. So much fun! I loved it. It was my favourite stage, while we were in that stage and it still remains true today.


The 13 year old with the cellphone that texts me things so funny and random that I have to take a screen shot and send it to my friend TC. Who suggests shows we can binge watch together like Once Upon a Time. Who is quick witted and responsible and can make her own breakfast. Who runs with me and makes me listen to cool music. Yep, 13 is definitely my favourite age.

Then we have the 9 year old, who may be the most literal almost 4th grader you've ever met. The one who after overhearing her Dad joke that he "drove a Dodge Stratus" said um, excuse me, but he drives a Ford Freestyle. (if you get the Dodge Stratus reference we can totally be best friends). Who puts away her own laundry (in a kinda, sorta, good enough way). Who can pour her own cereal and put her own waffles in the toaster. Who likes to watch Frozen and eat popcorn. Yep, 9 is most definitely my favourite age.


Goofball said...

I'm currently convinced that 2y olds are the best age to have...can't imagine that a 13 year old be more fun. But hey, if I'm still blogging in 11 years, i'll probably be convinced that 13 year olds are most fun ;)

Lynn said...

YES!! I totally feel this way too. Every age so far has been my favourite. There's always ups and downs but I constantly feel just lucky and happy and delighted to get to know them. Parenting is quite a ride!