Sunday, November 08, 2015

sunday randoms

This weekend was a mash up of necessary and fun errands. Things like grocery shopping (necessary) and furniture shopping (also necessary) and taking a girl to get her ears pierced (fun! (for some of us)).

There was a coffee date that turned into a lunch date. Aren't those the best kind of dates? The ones you don't want to end because you have so much to talk and laugh about?

There was time for board games. Time for an unexpected play date. Time to catch up with Vinnie Chase and his Entourage. 

There was time for a drink. Time to wrap up a volunteer project. Time to take care of those pesky leaves with many thanks to a super great neighbour.

There was time to kinda of sorta make it through Donald Trump on SNL. Time for multiple The Mindy Project episodes (guys! I can't even stop watching it!!)

Time to pick up birthday presents and to buy soap that smells so good I want to eat it.

There was even time to blog.

How was your weekend?

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