Sunday, November 15, 2015

the tale of two couches

Many of you know that the theme for the past few Christmases around here has been - Less is More and It's the Thought That Counts, well for 2015 we are adding a tag line - The Oldest Got Braces and We Had to Buy New Furniture. So this year friends and family, we invite you to peer with wonder into The Abster's sparkly smile while you cop a squat on our new furniture. We're happy to put a bow on each for you.

Mike and I have lived 19 years worth of marriage on hand me down or second hand purchased living room furniture. With no complaint, I might add. We always seemed to do pretty well in the hand me down department. In the past few months the springs in our couch, love seat and recliner have all gone the way of the dinosaur. Watching a movie or Netflix can get dicey if you're the last one to the living room.

So shopping we went. Mike actually fell in love with a set the first place we went to. I liked it, I liked what the guy had to say about it and I liked the price, but I didn't love it. Still I was willing to go with it if Mike was, indeed, that crazy about it.


Mike was ready to buy, but I said we'd be crazy not to look around another store or three to make really truly sure. So we popped into a couple of more places and I realized I didn't want to settle. After 19 years of hand me downs, if we were going to buy brand new to us furniture for the first time I didn't want it to be an "meh, it's okay" sort of situation. Which is how I felt about the first set that Mike loved. I also didn't realize that I wanted to increase our seating capacity until we went looking around a bit more. So......


This, a matching couch without the chaise and an accent chair will be coming home to our place. Actually we just put a deposit down on the pieces so we could come home and do some measuring and figure out if this would work. You know how it is, the pieces seemed much smaller in the store and Mike has a history of buying Christmas trees that scrape the ceiling because they looked small out in the field. So we spent the rest of Saturday measuring and mentally moving things around, but we came up with three configurations that would work, so it looks like we'll go ahead with it. Which, phew, because I am so in love with this stuff I can't even tell you and Mike does too, so win win. Cannot wait to park my butt on it! Also in related news I have felt sick to my stomach since Saturday afternoon.


Julie L said...

LOVE it! I so wanted to get a chaise with our couch but our space just won't work with it. enjoy.

Lynn said...

So lovely! I'm absolutely with Julie - I would love to have a chaise style but it doesn't work in our room. Sounds like a fantastic Christmas gift for the whole family!