Thursday, December 31, 2015

farewell 2015

To my mind the measure of a successful year is one with more laughs than tears, so in that regard I have to call 2015 a success. I had labeled this the year of MORE and I have spent the past week pondering on how I feel about that..... short answer... I don't know. I really don't. I made a lot of really big declarations about laundry (HA! Laundry, who are we kidding?) and blogging and running. So maybe it was less in some areas, but it was definitely more in others.

I was happy to have more lazy evenings with friends. Glasses of wine, laughs, and meandering conversations. It cannot be understated what bright spots those evenings were this year. I am thankful for each and every one of you, probably more than you realize. Double date nights. Text messages. Listening ears. New friends. Deepening relationships. Hugs. Laughs. Understanding. Y'all know who you are, what you did and what it meant to us. Much love and thanks.

There was more time spent with the World's Cutest Nephew and his awesome parents. That is a gift I never tire of. More good food, good wine and laughs to go along with.

More travel for the kids. A gift for both them and us. Time with grandparents..... priceless.

Volunteering opportunities. Nights of cards. Sunday Dinners with beautiful friends. More balance. More down time. More NetFlix. More Mindy Project. Lisa Genova. Documentaries.

So farewell to 2015, you were a beautiful gift in so many ways, cheers to 2016, lets see what you shall bring.

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