Monday, April 28, 2008

spreading some linky love #14

Cathy over at CFO has embarked on a 29 days of giving challenge. This is an idea that sounds like a lot of fun. I may plan on giving it a whirl myself.

I always enjoy reading Don Mills Diva. I often find myself nodding along as I read. This post is no different. I have a hard time believing that Abby and Maya will view this blog as anything less than what it is, one big love letter.

I was always pretty certain that Karen from Virtually There was raising geniuses, but here's further proof.

Now this little girl has style. She and Abby could totally hang together. Aren't glasses on a little kid the cutest thing ever?

The big three - oh! Go and wish Leah a very happy birthday!

I think it's so very important that we all live as greenly as we can and Jen tells you why much better than I ever could.

Surprisingly enough my brother is still blogging. He's usually forgotten that he even has a blog by this point. I love when he does posts like this, makes me feel closer to him to peek in on his day.


Leah said...

I do love linky love!! Those little blue glasses you linked to where soooo cute!

thanks for the birthday wish... I've got three more days, SIGH! I'm not looking forward to it this year! LOL!!

Mommy Project said...

Hey Shan,

Your brother's site looks pretty cool - I think we're missing out on some good video, though, living out in the sticks.

Thanks for all the links. Fun as always.

Shan said...

Leah - you're welcome!

Mommy - well my brother is pretty cool. Way cooler than me, anyway. And yes, yes we are missing out living here in the sticks. I'm looking into a new wireless product Bell has. I haven't had a chance to give them a call yet.