Saturday, September 06, 2008

giddy up

Today Abby started riding lessons at one of the local stables. We had always assumed that riding lessons would be in her future. She loves horses and at one time had a pony of her own that lived at Grandma Sandi's house. The general plan had been for Abby to start lessons when she was a bit older at the stable where Grandma Sandi boards one of her horses, but then we found out Abby's bestest friend Maddie was in a learning to ride program at a stable owned by someone I've known for many years. So the decision was made to get a head start on the lessons.

Abby was a bit nervous the night before her first lesson. More about the location change than anything else. She's been for horse camp the past two years at the stable Grandma Sandi's horse is at. Not to mention the countless visits she's made there to visit and ride Star. All this, of course, to say she's comfortable there. This would be a trip into the unknown.


Of course once she got there and began her pre-lesson routine of grooming her horse it was all good. Abby's horse was named Pride and she seemed to do well with the grooming. I missed most of it so I could fill out the required paperwork and hand over the cheque for the first month.


Mike and I were beyond pleased with the experience. The teacher is fabulous with the kids (there's only 3 kids in the class; Abby, Maddie and another little girl) and she's already teaching them the fundamentals. By the end of the lesson today Abby had attempted to maneuver Pride around a couple of little obstacles all by herself. The rest of the class she is led by a (grand)parent. I'm already looking forward to next week's lesson.



Kristina said...

Good for Abby! I had about three riding lessons when I was a kid and thought I was hot stuff. Until I fell off a horse into a wet puddle of poop and mud. In front of people. I cried. It was horrible. I'm impressed that she was already leading the horse after one lesson! Keep us posted!

Betsy Hart said...

HOW FUN! I want riding lessons!!! Can't wait to hear more about them.... :)

Shan said...

Kristina - aww that's too bad about the poop. I would have cried too.

Betsey - I know, me too!