Saturday, September 12, 2009

friday high five - in my head

Well for this week's Friday High Five, the five thoughts that are rattling around in my head right now.

Angela's Adventures

1. I am so tired. Why didn't Maya sleep through the night like she normally does when she crashes after the sitters? It was a six hour power nap and now she's ready to go. I have been up for twenty-three hours now. This sucks ass.

2. I should get an iPhone. My cellie is on life support. There's a "good deal" on iPhone's right now. I should get one.

3. I shouldn't get an iPhone. Good deal or not it's still an extravagance I can do without right now. I cheaper phone and plan with Koodo is the better idea.

4. Why did I not hear Maya sneak up the stairs? Why did she wake up Abby? Now they're both up at 3:28am. This sucks ass.

5. zzzzzzzzzzzzz


Heather said...

I broke the bank and bought an iPhone about three weeks ago. I love it! Right now my 10 year old is buys playing "Rolando" on it - needless to say he loves it too.

We cancelled our landline phone though, so the cost of the iPhone plan doesn't hurt quite so much as it's really a home phone and a cellphone now. Good luck with the decision :)

Shan said...

Heather - Thanks. I'm no further ahead that i had been. Still no idea what to do.