Tuesday, August 24, 2010

happy happy birthday

So yeah, yesterday was not my best day. And, thanks everybody for the kind words. Things always seem better in the light of a new day. Which doesn't really mean that everything was solved and made right over night, but I feel better able to manage it all. My house is clean, my kids were dolls and I spent the evening volunteering at the fairgrounds hanging artwork in the school fair building. All things that make my heart happy.

Another thing that makes my heart happy.... friends. Today is my dear friend ML's birthday. You all know what a true blessing I consider Robin, my oldest bestest friend... would you hate me if I told you I have another one just like her? I like to call ML an old new friend. You see I've known ML for lots of years and her husband for even longer than that. We live in a ridiculously small village, it's almost impossible for us not to know each other.

Somewhere there was shift and I couldn't even pinpoint when it occurred. Was it when Mike and I started giving our time to the Parent's Council at Abby's school. ML was co-chair when we joined. She was co-chair - with Michael - this past school year. Was it when they gave us a hand with a fair function Mike was helping to organize? We would have been sunk if ML & T hadn't been able to help us out. Was it when we made them dinner as thanks for their help? Was it when Mike showed up at the farm to give T a hand when he knew T needed it? Was it when ML & I started walking together once a week. FYI those walking dates have since turned into GLEE! watching while knitting dates. I'm not sure. Maybe one of those things naturally led to the other and here we are with new best friends. Whatever it was I'm glad it brought us to this.

Like Robin, ML is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. She is never stingy with the hugs and she loves my girls to bits. She's never too tired to put on her nurse hat and give me medical advice. She's popped by the house to check on a potential case of fifth's disease (it wasn't), sprains (they weren't), chicken pox (it was) and more I can't think of now. We've shared dim sum, a spa day, lunches, jammie movie nights, many volunteer hours, shopping trips and a laugh filled weekend in Toronto. She encourages me and believes in me, even when I don't. She loves to just pop in (easy when you're just down the street... are you listening to me Robin... down the street there's houses for sale there.... you too Karen!) and doesn't mind (or judge) if the house looks like we let goats live in here. She folds my laundry and washes my dishes (by hand the last time she was here!). Even better she has a really great husband who's a really great fit with my husband. And for the cherry on top... ML & Robin.... like peas and carrots. What more could a girl ask for?

Happy birthday ML!

*what's cooking wednesday will return tomorrow

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allison said...

Yay for best friends.