Tuesday, July 10, 2012

the final push

Oh gosh, so our big event, Touch a Truck happens on the weekend. I really love this event, but I'll be very happy to see Sunday as well. The day I plan on staying in my jammies and doing nothing. It's been a very long haul of fundraising events, one after another since April and Mike and I are both ready for a break.

You know organizing an event is a lot of work, but that's only the half of it. Then there's the organizing of the rest of your life. Making sure the kids are looked after and they're fed (when they're here) and they have clean clothes and they have a wash cloth wiped over them every once in a while. I feel bad for all the juggling and shuffling they have to do this week, but I'm pretty sure they're living it up. Hanging with Grandma holds more appeal than hanging with Mom sometimes, especially when I'm making them clean up or do at home summer school or... horrors... turn off the TV and read.

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