Friday, July 27, 2012

friday high five - obsessing

So I saw this over at Cheaper than Therapy and I was all....... I'm obsessed with stuff......

1. Parks and Rec. Okay I am embarrassed to say that Uncle Dave and Auntie Mel told us ages ago that we should be watching this show and because we're assholes, we didn't listen. Uh, we're listening now. This show is so funny I can't even stand it. I love the entire cast, but I have to say Rob Lowe is perfection in this role. Literally.

2. The Library. My real life day to day peeps are probably sick of hearing me gush about the library. It's thanks to library that we saw the first three seasons of Parks and Rec, also a couple of ESPN 30 for 30 documentaries, a bunch of movies, the kids have borrowed books, I've downloaded music... 3 songs per week, for free.... and I've borrowed over a dozen books on my kobo so far this year. And! AND!! Did you know we're getting a new library? Over four times the sizes of our current teeny tiny one. So excited! Yep, total library nerd and loving it!!

3. Spitz.... the sunflower seeds. I blame Michael for this one. He was watching baseball pretty hardcore earlier in the season and what do you know, sunflower seeds started making their way into the shopping cart. Now I can't stop eating them. Black pepper is my favourite flavour.

4. Pinterest. I know, right? Everybody is obsessed with Pinterest. I'm really trying to make the effort to actually makes these crafts/recipes/other awesome ideas that I pin.

5. Running. Seriously, remember back when I used to say how I always wanted to be a runner. Now I kinda am one and it is so awesome. I truly love it. Nervous about my first organized 5km. Nervous about the upcoming winter. What if I can't run? What then? I have a "run book" where I track my stats. I have goals. I pin motivational stuff. I ride my bike and strength train to be a better runner. I am collecting running gear. Yep, guess I'm a runner.

What are you obsessing about?

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NAMK said...

I'm obsessing over...
Photography on the seamless,
Trying to find a non-dairy milk that will froth (so far I've tried various brands of rice milk, almond milk, and now flax milk...nothing but soy will froth!),
The new HBO show, "Newsroom",
Dave Ramsey podcasts and becoming Totally-Debt-Free,
Perfecting my running playlist.