Sunday, July 22, 2012

sunday randoms

Yesterday my best girl, Robin had a birthday and we celebrated by leaving our kids at home and heading out to see Magic Mike. I have this to say about the experience..... Channing Tatum is hawt, also dude has moves. Wow. I'm pretty sure Matthew McConaughey was wearing his own personal clothes. Dude is ripped though and those v-cut lines are crazy. Well played Mr. McConaughey, well played.

Since we were out celebrating a birthday we had some drinks first, but since we're mature we had iced tea and frappucinos..... without coffee at Starbucks. Yeah, we know how to party.

I'm only 47% sure I spelled Matthew McConaughey's name correctly and I do not feel like looking it up.

So my oven is broken and now my freezer is acting up, which only means that I haven't been able to bake cookies or make ice cream. So bummed.


Chantal said...

See I though Channing saw crazy hawt but Matt was greasy, Litterally and figuratively ;) haha. It was fun and I needed a fun night out. Happy.

Shan said...

Oh he was definitely greasy... oily even, but still, his body was impressive!