Sunday, July 29, 2012

sunday randoms

Only one week until holidays. What are the odds it will go fast?

I went on a bit of a pinning spree this weekend. Now to actually do some of these fantastic ideas.

It was so hot and breezy this afternoon I think my clothes dried in a minute and a half.

Yeah the last two books in the Earth Children series were really unnecessary.

Reading Forrest Gump right now and so far I am not in love with it. Surprising since I loved the movie so much.

I'm thinking a movie date is in order in the next 7 days.

Abby made us promise not to have any fun while she and her sister are away this week.

Also she found a price tag on a book Elwood the Elf left them this past Christmas. Why would it have a price tag on it when Elwood is an elf and he makes his own toys? Then she said..... You know I'm starting to think maybe Elwood isn't real. Sigh... and so it continues, this growing up bullshit.

Fridge is still acting up.

I borrowed 4 movies from the library this week, so this chick is signing off.

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Leah said...

Emily said the other night, "Don't forget to leave me money for my tooth! I mean, don't forget to tell the toothfairy to leave me money for my tooth!" Sigh... Maybe you can tell Abby that sometimes the elves get really busy and need to purchase some items, instead of making them. That's what I tell my kids! *grin*