Wednesday, August 08, 2012

a little bit of peer pressure

I remember being ten and begging my parents to let me get my ears pierced. It took me quite a while to convince them. I don't wear earrings all that often these days, but boy I really wanted them done back then. Many years later I had daughters of my own and about a year or so ago I told Abby whenever she wanted to get her ears pierced to say the word and we'd go. She refused then and has taken every opportunity to remind me that she does NOT want to get her ears pierced.

Fast forward to four months ago and Little MyPie says... I want to get my ears pierced. Huh and further more, what? I asked her if she was sure. She was. I told her it would hurt for a minute. She said she knew. I asked her again if she was sure. She was. She really really was. So I told her when school was over we'd go and then life got kind of busy and we never got to the mall. So I promised her, pinky swore, that we would go when she got back from camping. Apparently that promise was mentioned more than once the week she roughing it in the wilderness of the provincial park.

Yesterday was the day. Off to the mall we went, Abby still emphatically refusing to even consider getting her's pierced and would you just get off my back about it already, geez! Before we left the house I asked twitter what the odds were she'd come back with pierced ears. Maya is nothing if not a riddle wrapped up in an enigma. We got to the mall, and I asked her...are you sure? Yep. In front of the store.... are you sure? Yep. Then she was in the store picking out her studs. Hop up in the chair when you're ready they told her. And she did.....


Seconds later and with barely a blink from MyPie, she had pierced ears.


How did it feel I asked her afterwards? Kinda like someone was punching a hole in my ear, but meh.

That's all big sister needed to see and hear.


Afterwards Abby said, I was going to ask to hold your hand, but Maya didn't need to so I wasn't going to either!

The are both insanely proud and have been flashing their ears at everyone they come across. Been a pretty great summer so far.


Goofball said...

pretty earrings! haha, funny how it goes.

Leah said...

LOVE!! They look great. FYI, we've had much better luck with hydrogen peroxide twice a day versus the alcohol stuff they send you home with from the piercing place (or maybe things are done differently in Canada!) Emily inherited extremely sensitive ears though, from myself, my mom, my grandma, (etc), though...

Mis(s)Mannered Mom said...

Aww! They look great!

Shan said...

Goofball - it was very funny actually. Abby said after she was not going to have people ask her why she didn't get her's done when her little sister did!

Leah - I have dragon spray leftover from when I had my nose pierced, although I had better luck with salt water compresses then that. Noses are a bit more problematic I learned afterwards. I was out of rubbing alcohol and peroxide, will pick some up when I do groceries.

MMM - thanks!