Wednesday, August 29, 2012

elwood strikes again

Today the Elwood plan was a bit on the elaborate side. Got to keep that ten year old guessing, ya know. So I wrote two notes. One that asked them to tidy up and get ready to go out, seeing as how we were wasting away the morning laying around the living room. The other note I wrote and left in the mail box for my sweet Mama. Our plan had been to take the girls swimming at Brant Park. So Granny showed up with note in hand that had been [wink wink] left at her place [/wink wink] with instructions from Elwood to bring it to the girls. The note said Elwood wanted them to go swimming and to ask Granny if she wanted to come along, but alas Granny didn't have her suit.... or did she? Elwood said to check the trunk of Granny's car and what do you know...... there was Granny's suit, towels and even a picnic dinner.

Very big grin! The kids were completely gobsmacked!

I had never been to or even heard of Brant Park before, but the girls were camping there earlier this summer and fell in love with the pool and it's easy to see why. I mean it's huge and lagoon style. Is that what they call it? You walk into it like you would a lake.


This was actually the first time I'd been swimming this summer. Way to leave until the last minute, eh? It was great to see what a little fish Maya has become. She's a champion dog paddler, but when you get her under the water she's a torpedo. We swam/walked a few laps around that giant pool ensuring the kids and I were thoroughly beat by the end of the day. The black lines represent where the bottom begins to drop off. The pool does have two areas that are marked off by buoys if you wanted to keep your littler ones corralled in one area.


Today was a great day to go because we pretty much had the place to ourselves. It gave the kids lots of room to play Marco Polo. Inflatable toys of any kind are not allowed in the pool, which was kind of nice not to have to keep track of anything other than ourselves. Of course one of the kids dropped the only pair of goggles we had with us. The ones made out of clear rubber. As luck would have it I ended up stepping right on them, which still boggles my mind. I mean the pool is like an acre. Oh and it has a little splash pad for the littles or us old ladies who are trying to ease into cool pool water.


The admission was very reasonable, it only cost $20.50 for the four of us to spend the day at the park. It's $5.50 just for the park and an extra dollar if you want to swim for adults, $2.75 with the extra dollar swimming charge for the kids.


They don't allow food in the pool area, so we stepped out to the picnic tables just outside the pool for a little picnic. Maya may have eaten some chocolate.... maybe...... before we went back to swim some more. The pool is open from 11am - 7:30pm.


It was a really great day with my Mom and my baby girls..... can you tell by those smiles? Thanks Elwood, for the trip.

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