Thursday, August 02, 2012


Mike and I are taking full advantage of our kid free week by doing all kinds of crazy things like going to a movie on a week night. Mike really wanted to see Ted, so we hit it up tonight. The movie started at 8:15 and prior to that I couldn't have told you what Ted was about or who was in it. I never would have guessed a guy and his teddy bear. Luckily for Mike I laughed my tail off (his taste in movies is questionable at best... I mean he admits to liking The Dukes of Hazzard... enough said).

Oh and on a related note, do you think Mark Wahlberg would like to be my secret boyfriend?


NAMK said...

How many secret boyfriends do you think you are entitled to, exactly??


Shan said...

I gotta replace the ones you keep stealing from me.

WidneyWoman said...

We saw Ted. Ever since, I've been saying, "Oh Ya! Oh Ya!" and "I wuv you" to J. He is kind enough to giggle hysterically.