Thursday, August 23, 2012

what's up with you

Gosh my life feels almost too big for me these days. Yet at the same time I'm not really sure what to talk about. I'm sitting here way way way too late with this damn cursor blinking away at me and I've got nothing.

I could tell you about my plan to bring Elwood out for a special summer showing. Gosh I am excited about that one. I hope it goes as awesome as I think it will.

Or about how the girls have had such a full and awesome and busy summer that they are so ready to head back to school. Abby told me tonight as I tucked her in that she was ready for early bedtimes and routine, instead of this fly by the seat of our pants nonsense we've been dealing with here.

Or how I'm giving the flylady another shot and it really seems to be working... mostly.

Or how the library continues to rock my socks off.

Or we could talk about Blair from the Facts of Life being on the upcoming season of Survivor. What the what?

Or how mu kids have been skipping at the sitters and singing all the same skipping songs that I used to sing when I was their age. Cinderella dressed in yella....

Or how completely touched and amazed I am at the lovely comments people send my way. I am a lucky lucky girl.

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Julie said...

um, what's the flylady?