Thursday, September 13, 2012

funny thing happened while i was running

So I went for a run with my brother this weekend. They just came down for the day to celebrate Granny's birthday and he thought it would be cool if he brought his running shoes. I actually had no plans to run that day, but such an opportunity rarely comes available so I spandexed up and off we went.


So that's my brother... dude is lean. Know why? Because he's a pretty hardcore road cyclist. Meaning he routinely hits the bike for ridiculously long rides and he doesn't just ride, in his words, he works effin' hard at it. He races, a lot. All this to say he's an athlete, but not a runner. Oh no, running is not something he loves, but he was willing to go out with me because, I think, he's pretty stoked about my transformation from couch potato to runner.

I warned him I was a slow runner and I am still at this point. I have not quite two dozen 5k runs under my belt and I'd never run with anyone else before. We were mismatched from the start. Dave is taller than me, so he has a longer stride. He's in better shape than me and even though he's not a runner, he still easily outpaced me without getting winded while I was dying by the time we got back. In the interest of full disclosure there were times he was walking, while I ran... and keeping pace with me. Oh my.  Sounds like it had all the makings of a discouraging run, huh? It wasn't, it was the exact opposite.

As always, I am my own worst enemy when it comes to running. Obviously we chatted as we ran... Dave more easily them me, so he did most of the talking and I did most of the listening, but he said plenty I needed to hear.

The best things he said...

"That's a year away." When I told him I didn't want to be 11th from last in the Cactus Fest 5k next year. I don't need to drop my time down 15 minutes this week. There's lots of time train my way to a quicker finishing time. I don't need to be pushing myself at a pace I cannot sustain for 5k. It only makes for a crummy and discouraging run.

"Don't be so hard on yourself, you're already ahead of half the population." As I made excuses and apologies for not being able to keep up to his pace. It's true, so true and I had forgotten that. I'm only racing against myself out there. I'm running because I love it and it's good for me. It doesn't matter if I run it fast or slow, nobody is keeping track, but me. Any run is better than no run. I'm not training for a marathon or the Olympics.

So, my next run I went back to basics. I brought back my warm up walk, ran at a steady comfortable pace picking up the pace at certain intervals and you know what... it was my best run ever. I finished it over a minute off my race pace and I felt great. Thanks Daver. xo


Mis(s)Mannered Mom said...

I LOVE this post! I've been trying to beat a 5k time too-and everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) told me to slow it down, save my steam for the end and THEN pick it up if I had fuel in the tank etc. I just kept trying to run "faster." Well, I slowed it down, I run at a comfortable pace that I can talk easily...and I speed it up towards the end when I feel I can. Guess what? No more walking intervals, great runs, and....faster time in total. Sometimes, I think it takes accepting others wisdom, seeing it through their get us to really "get" it. Sounds like you have.

Chantal said...

I think it is awesome that you and your brother did that together. Family is awesome!