Friday, October 26, 2012


Tonight was volunteer appreciation night. Highlights..... I gots them.

Mike is finishing up his Past President's year, so there was a presentation of the Past President's cane and the opportunity for him to say a few words. Now Mike will tell you that he doesn't love public speaking, but it is something he does well and tonight was no exception. He was a titch nervous as we were leaving the house because he hadn't actually prepared a speech, but if you were lucky enough to be there then you know he did pretty great.

Mike has been hanging out at the fair since he was a little kid with his Dad pulling demo cars out of the ring. The fair is the spot that gets the lion's share of Mike's volunteering hours and I think I can safely say on his behalf that the past four years as he's worked his way through two Vice President positions, President and finally Past President have been both an honour and a pleasure. I am incredibly proud of him and was endlessly touched and more than a little bit weepy last night as he asked the crowd for a round of applause on my behalf for holding down the fort and supporting him so he could attend all the work bees, meetings and a myriad of other things connected to the society that kept him out of the house. I certainly wasn't expecting that.

The big surprise of the night, however, was some very deserving members of our society receiving the Queen's Diamond Jubilee medal. Once I realized what was happening I was in no way surprised with who they called forth. I can only hope to one day be half the volunteer that they are. Congratulations Julia, Randy and Sylvia. You are all certainly examples to live up to.

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