Monday, November 26, 2012

instagram monday - little cindy lou who

When Maya was a tiny little thing I used to dress her in pretty dresses and leotards, but as she got older we made the switch to footless tights. She has a bunch of pairs in different colours and patterns and wears them weekly. Footless tights with skirts and dresses is all she knows. So Granny got the girls their Christmas dresses early so they could wear them to church and any other Christmas related functions we're going to attend. She also got a pair of leotards.

Me: Maya do you want to wear these giant socks?
Maya: Are those socks attached?!?!
Me: They are!
Maya: Then yes!!

Fast forward, after church we're having coffee and visiting with family, Papa asks Maya, how far up do those socks go? Maya hikes her dress up to her waist and answers... All the way to here!!

I love how Suessian these tights look. It's almost too much cute to handle.


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