Sunday, November 04, 2012

sunday randoms

Well it's official, I'm all signed up for the Santa Shuffle in four weeks. I think Abby is going to do the Elf Walk, it's only a 1k and she's keen to try it all out.

Well this was a busy, full productive weekend. Mike and I got all the yard work done. To be fair it was mostly Mike. The girls both scattered pretty quick at the mention of work.

Watching season one of Shameless right now. Borrowed from the library, of course. Enjoying it so far even though it's wildly inappropriate.

The Halloween candy is nearly gone, the good stuff anyway. Thank goodness.

I've made a kabillion lasagnas in  my cooking career, but for some reason Mike feels that the one I made this past weekend is the best one ever. I'm not really sure why. Maybe it's my home canned crushed tomatoes.

Having a giant clock over the TV is awesome, until it's time to set the clocks back then a less awkward spot seems like a better idea.

How was your weeked?

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