Sunday, November 18, 2012

sunday randoms

I was invited to a favourite things party by my partner in canning crime and my crafty soul mate JB. Have you ever heard of such a thing? No? Yes? In a nut shell.... I show up at the party with three of my favourite thing. So three bottles of my favourite nail polish, for example. You hang out with some girl friends, eat some snacks, there's some sort of an exchange and at the end of the night you walk away with other people's favourite things. Doesn't that sound like fun? I've seen people talk about these parties online and they look like so much fun..... but..... but I have to come up with my favourite thing and apparently I have favourite thing block. My favourite thing has been our topic of conversation at dinner since I got the invite and I've still got nothing. Gosh, who knew it would be so much pressure? What would you take to a favourite things party?

I really feel like this weekend just sort of slipped away from me. Not that it wasn't without fun. We watched a movie with some friends, had dinner with Grandma Linda & Papa, ordered in pizza and the Abster and I wept our way through Marley and Me. Even still I'm sitting here at too late o'clock wondering how it got to be Sunday night so quickly.

I made a killer apple pie and some not so killer fudge this weekend.

Already thinking about what my next race should be. New Year's Eve? Or that 8k in January? Or both? Why yes I am the girl who said she couldn't see herself doing too many of these race things.

So looking forward to the Santa Shuffle. The Abster is walking in the 1k Elf Walk that day. So proud of that kiddo. So excited to share my sister in law's first race with her. She's nervous, but she shouldn't be. She's a total rock star.

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Lynn said...

You should bring baked goods to the favourite things party! You love to bake, and everyone loves your baking, and I'm sure there would be a riot over one of your pies or some of your cookies. I myself would bring a pie for shizzle :).