Saturday, December 22, 2012

almost there

Oh my! The big day is almost here. My Mom called me last night and asked what I was doing.... I was reading a book. You're all wrapped? Yep. Baking all done? Mostly. So I was reading my overdue library book. Mike took care of the groceries this morning, so if it's not in this house now then you aren't getting it. Which just reminds me I forgot to put orange juice on the list. Oops.

Mom said she felt this year has been less frenzied and I am inclined to agree with here. I hope the same is true for all of you.


Kaci said...

Good golly, I wish that was my case. I was good and ordered my Christmas cards BEFORE Thanksgiving but slacked and sent them out on Monday. HAHAHA Oy vey! I'll hopefully be on it better next year.

Goofball said...

great! good to read about your relax & fun Christmas holidays