Friday, December 07, 2012

friday high five - christmas

So it's December 7th and I've been pretty quiet about Christmas so far. Surprised? Me too! I guess we better do something about that....

1. Mike and I really ran with the theme... less is more and it's the thought that counts..... last year. Our real life peeps should expect more of the same this year. The older I get the harder time I have buying "stuff" for the sake of buying stuff. So gifts this year may not carry a hefty price tag, but know they were put together with much thought and love.

2. I am finished shopping for the girls. Yep, gifts, stockings the whole nine yards. It just needs to be wrapped. There aren't a lot of gifts and I'm not even sure there's anything from their letters to Santa, but I'm confident they will not be disappointed in any way.

3. Elwood has been visiting us again this year. The kids are loving it. So far Elwood has dropped off books from Santa's library including one that had been recorded with Granny's voice. Hmmm how did he do that? Tonight it was Christmas donuts from Mrs. Claus and a Christmas movie. Oh and new this year a Christmas puzzle that took us a few days to put together.

4. We have no tree as of yet. Mike is still pretty strongly arguing in favour of a fake tree. I'm still not sold. We're hoping to have some sort of tree before the end of the weekend.

5. Most of all I am looking forward to time spent with my family and very dear friends over the holiday season.

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Kaci said...

Go get a tree! =) XOXOX