Monday, December 17, 2012

instagram monday - sisters

Bickering between these two is at an all time high. We've been pretty lucky so far, given their four year age gap they've had very little to argue about, but now they butt heads over a myriad of topics... TV shows, borrowing each other's electronics, and just random sibling nonsense. I have this picture on my phone and sometimes I take it out to remind myself that despite the bickering they really do love each other.


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Lynn said...

I think it might just be the time of year. My kids are way up high on the edgy scale right now, and I think it's because Christmas is coming - everyone is wound up, too excited to sleep properly, and having more sugar than usual. It's adding up to more overall tension in the house and more bickering. My mom says we were the same as kids - so strange, huh?