Sunday, December 02, 2012

sunday randoms

Well that weekend was a whirlwind. I'm not sure we could have crammed anymore into it.

Mike and I are having a discussion.... care to weigh in on it? Real tree of fake? A little back story. We always had a fake tree growing up. Mike always had a real tree. Since we've been married we've always had a real tree, now Mike figures he's finished with the whole real tree experience. I'm not exactly pro-fake tree, but I'm kinda sorta on the fence about the whole thing. Sigh.

We had dinner tonight with Auntie Yoli at our favourite restaurant. The food there is so good I find myself ordering an appetizer and dessert even though I promised myself I wouldn't. Of course that means I bring most of my meal home, but really who can say no to pulled pork poutine and candy cane cheesecake. Who? Not me apparently.

I almost bought Abby another Christmas present even though I said I was finished shopping for her. It was a lovely little art kit that she would have flipped over, but she didn't truly need it, so in the end I left it at the store. Sometimes this "less is more and it's the thought that counts" Christmas Theme is hard.

I bought wrapping paper and tape this weekend, so I'm good to start wrapping.

Oh and the 25 days of Christmas are under way. Elwood has visited the past two days and the kids are excited, but I have noticed Abby watches me very closely whenever we find a letter. The jig is almost up. I can feel it.

And how was your weekend?

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